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i. AM. radio
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Connect your existing PA system and broadcast your service and announcements up to a 1 mile range to parishioners in cars or local homes.

i.AM.radio is perfect for congregations with large commuting congregations or if there is a need to cover homes or
institutions with a radio signal (an i. AM. radio transmitter can be linked from the church to a remote location like a hospital with a leased phone line.) Use i.AM.radio to broadcast the church service live or for daily announcements, coupled with an inspirational message.

"Church Radio" Package includes:
i.AM.radio Outdoor Transmitter
75' Connectorized Cable
Transmitter Power Supply
Outdoor AM Antenna
Hand-held Mic

$1090.00 $544.00 - In Stock

Church Radio Package is constructed to provide maximum range coverage (up to a radius of 3,000 ft.)

Use it with the built-in five minutes of audio storage with any external broadcast studio or solid-state announcer.
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