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Extended Range Products

Need to cover more ground?

Some applicants broadcast with the following 3 solutions:
1 2 3
InfOspot Free-Radiate TIS
InfOspot Free-Radiate Systems Information Station (TIS)
1/4-Mile Range On-Property Coverage 3-5-Mile Range
To push range out to a half-mile and more, InfOspot is the solution. Like the Talking House Radio / i A.M.Radio transmitters, anyone can broadcast and no license is required due to its FCC certification.

Any content may be broadcast on any available AM frequency.

FCC Rules Part 15.219 limit maximum transmitter power to 100mw; and the antenna + ground is 3 meters maximum.

Key differences: InfOspot’s outdoor antenna design mounts on a higher profile and allows for many times the range.

InfOspot is a custom product tailored to needs and can include special audio systems, USB / internet connectivity, cabinets and antenna mounting styles.

View the InfOspot webpage.

Email us for details.
If you represent an educational institution, FCC Rules Part 15.221 allow the use of a transmitter without a license, as long as the signal coverage extends only to your property.

There are no restrictions on antenna height, transmitter power or content. The TR6000 Model 15.73 provides up to 10 watts of signal and is capable of many miles of coverage on large parcels.

Free-radiate systems are customized to the application. Antennas are typically mounted on a flat building roof or pole with the transmitter and audio equipment located inside. Select from special cabinets, mounts, processors and audio solutions.

View the TR6000 AM transmitter webpage.

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If you are associated with a government agency or you provide emergency medical services, FCC Rules Part 90.242 permit you to license an Information Radio Station (Travelers Information Station) to reach out to the public with voice programming related to travel and transit, event schedules, visitor and emergency information of all kinds.

A special version of the TR6000 Transmitter (HQ5.0) is utilized for the application. It produces 3-5 miles of signal coverage.

Information Stations are complete systems, packaged with various voice systems, cabinets, connectivities, antenna mounts, hardware and related signage.

View the Information Station webpage.

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