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How can Talking House (i A.M.Radio) Transmitters operate without a license?

The transmitters are FCC certified (ID #DLB5LTT98) and approved for unlicensed broadcasting under Part 15.219 of FCC rules. which allow unlicensed operation of a 100mw AM transmitter without a license as long as the antenna + ground is 3 meters or fewer.
Is there a way to broadcast with more signal coverage?

Yes, if you have an outdoor antenna. The same FCC rules contained in Part 15.219 govern use of both indoor and outdoor antennas. But an outdoor antenna and especially one mounted high above the ground will yield more range. The new Range Extender provides a way for you to do this. The Range Extender may be purchased with a new Talking House (i A.M.) Radio Transmitter system or added to an existing Talking House (i A.M. Radio) Transmitter System. Consider also the InfOspot system, a package that includes the Talking House or (i A.M. Radio) Transmitter, the Range Extender plus ancillary options such as message players and weatherproof cabinets.

Yes, if
you are an educational institution. Special provisions were enacted by the FCC in 1990 that allow unlicensed broadcasting of an AM signal that remains contained within the campus or grounds of the institution. No content, antenna, or output-power restrictions are enforced, and no license is required under FCC Rules Part 15.221. See also Extended Range.

Yes, if you are a governmental agency and/or if you provide emergency medical response. See FCC Rules Part 90.242 which govern this form of broadcasting under Travelers Information Stations. Up to 10 watts of power are allowed, and a license is required. See also Extended Range.
What are the FCC's rules that govern these forms of broadcasting?

Unlicensed Broadcasting

These are the regulations that apply to operators who want to broadcast without a license on the AM band. These regulations outline the technical details regarding field strength, power, and transmitter frequency accuracy, and permitted spurious emission limits. The original and full texts of these various sections are below, however, the most pertinent regulations for most Part 15 broadcasters include . . .

15.209 - Radiated emission limits; general requirements
15.219 - Operation in the band 510-1705 kHz
15.221 - Operation in the band 525-1705 kHz.


Part 90.242 of the rules of the Federal Communications Commission governs the licensing and operation of Travelers Information Stations.
When I connect my Talking House (i A.M. Radio)Transmitter to a Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner, is the coaxial cable between them considered to be part of the ground?

It is not. FCC approved the Talking House (i A.M. Radio) Transmitter for operation with interconnecting coaxial cable and its Range Extender, which is comprised of the 3-meter antenna/ground as a complete system under Part 15.219.

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