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i. AM. radio

The Original "Talking House"
Transmitter - $195
i.AM.radio Transmitter
Vastly Improved Audio Performance - $249.00

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i AM. radio transmitters are individually factory upgraded for dramatically improved fidelity, resulting in clearer sound and maximum coverage strength.

Select the i.AM.radio model when the best available signal quality and strength are important.
For any unlicensed low power AM radio application

Model # IAM -Transmitter

• FCC Certified and fully Part 15 compliant.

No license required. Just plug it in and you’re on the air

• Frequency Agile
Just dial-up one of 117 AM stations on the front panel display

• Internal Audio Storage
5 minutes of built-in digital message storage

• Patented Antenna Tuner
Automatically matches to antenna for maximum range

• Built-In and Remote Microphone
Record your message or transmit live

• External Input
Broadcast from any audio mixer via the unbalanced 1/8" phone connector

Optional Unit
i.AM.radio Outdoor Transmitter for Extended Range
For increased coverage up to 1 mile

Technical Specifications

* Range: 300-3000 ft.
* Frequency Choices: 530-1700 AM
* Message Length: Up to 5 min.
* Message Storage: Computer Chips
* Microphone: Built-in and hand-held
* Size: 8” x 14” x 3”
* Weight: 4 lbs.
* Antenna: 3 meters
* Power: 110AC/12v DC

Optional Accessory
i.AM.radio Outdoor Transmitter
Includes 75' connectorized cable to supply power & audio connection to outdoor transmission.

YouTube video review on the i A.M. Transmitter prepared by Hobbybroadcaster.net

Included Accessories
Power Supply
Model # IAM-Power Supply
Hand-held Mic
Model # IAM-Mic
Indoor AM Antenna
Model # IAM-Indoor Antenna

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